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The Red Serpent

I’ve always been fascinated by secret societies, the juxtaposition of wealth and power, dominance and control, good versus evil, and the role these forces have played in the evolution of mankind. I’ve scoured news archives from various countries and read practically every book available on these and related subjects.

A French news article from 1967 provided my jump-off point. It recounted the mysterious, concurrent suicides of three Frenchmen whose only connection was their collaboration on a little-known and even less-understood document called Le Serpent Rouge.

I began with a similar event and a group of fictional characters who set out to determine if the deaths were really suicides or, as they suspect, murders ordered by a nefarious secret organization.The snowball began rolling from there and led to five thousand years of history, the excavation of the Dead Sea Scrolls, several years of research, 400 pages of copy, and a cast of what seems like thousands. All, as it were, to expose the most significant revelation the world has ever known.

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The Parable Effectcoming Fall 2017

Set in the Langue d’oc region of Southern France, Inspector Jean Marchaud returns in a riveting thriller based on the lost Cathar treasure of Montségur.