Is Nuclear Fusion around the corner?

Probably so. According to the experts, physicists, scientists and folks working on fusion projects around the world. They’re estimating ten to fifteen years tops to have a fully functioning fusion plant capable of providing electricity. Now that’s no small fete.

Imagine capturing the same process that makes our sun burn brightly, and distant stars in the universe shine, able to be seen on earth. That’s right, nuclear fusion, 150 million degrees centigrade, which is the temperature of our sun. Humans are going to create it, manage it and make electricity. Whoa, you’re saying right now. You mean to tell me, we are going to create the surface of the sun, 150 million degrees centigrade, in a fusion plant and not burn a hole clear thru to the other side of China, along with melting everything within a hundred mile radius if not the entire planet.

In France a nuclear fusion experimental plant (ITER) is currently being constructed at Caderache, just northeast of the city of Aix. Over 100 thousand tons of concrete was poured to form five foot thick walls and floor, that will house the machine that will create and store the energy safely, that uses strong magnetic forces to keep the hot plasma, the byproduct of a mixture of deuterium and tritium, 150 million degrees centigrade, away from the walls. Make you feel better? Good news is we’ve already created fusion at other facilities in the world, and we have learned so much from these experiments, that allow us to build and safely operate a fusion plant. Still skeptical though, right? It’s the word nuclear, scares everybody.

Here’s the good news, nuclear fusion does not produce long lasting nuclear waste. It’s clean and green. And the real kicker, the neutrons from fusion are known to neutralize radioactive particles.

Now for the even better news, the fuel for fusion is abundant and inexpensive and available in nature. 30 million years of abundance available from the ocean, sea water. In my book The Red Serpent, an old man said to Michael du Maurier, Fusion will create the power to drive plants that can desalinate the ocean.  It will alter barren climates, make the earth uniformly fertile, and alleviate hunger.  It will power machines to create matter as needed.  All this from one free universal substance.  Water!”

Fusion is the answer to many of our worlds problems and it’s on it’s way. A gift from the universe, a bright star that has shined on this earth for a billion years. It keeps lighting our path in so many ways.