Anyone catch the summer season of “White Collar” on USA Network?  If so, you’ll remember how the first two episodes took place on a “remote island off the African coast.”  If not, it’s still On Demand.

I was in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico, researching my next book with my wife last March, when we strolled out of our breakfast café and onto a film set.

My wife ran up to a tall, not-very-approachable man with a clip board and asked what they were filming.  “White Collar,” came the curt reply.

Undaunted, my wife went on to gush how she loves the show and watches every episode.  Turns out the very streets and markets we were ambling through were all part of the set.  We talked with some of the extras and one assistant director. We got video of Matt Bomer, Willy Garson, and Tim DeKay under a tent in their personalized canvas-back chairs, as well as of them shooting live footage up the street.

Both episodes were shot throughout the streets of Old San Juan and at many of the historic sites we visited, so we have two hours of professionally filmed background from our stay. What a unique, unexpected, and delightful diversion it was!