The Next Time I See Paris

She’s been written about, sung about, served as a midnight muse for Owen Wilson, and hailed as the romance capital of the world.  But nothing beats a first-hand encounter with the amazing City of Lights.

Having travelled to Paris on a number of occasions in the past, I found myself taking the Magic Lady for granted.  Then a good friend, who happens to be a widower and was half-way through reading THE RED SERPENT, came to me raving about the descriptive passages in the book.  “I was so surprised,” he said, “to find such visual stimulation in this book.  Imagine reading a thriller and getting such a feel for the place that I want to go there!  So I know where I’m heading next,” he exclaimed.  “I’m going to France even if I have to go by myself!”

My friend went on to enumerate the exciting impressions that lingered in his mind: magical gardens; majestic museums; the ambiance of artsy cafés; aromas of chocolate and spice; and, of course, the legendary Seine.

Paris is but one of several areas in France graphically extolled in THE RED SERPENT.  If you’ve never been there, the virtual visit could prompt you to hop the next plane to Orly or Charles de Gaulle. Those who’ve already had the pleasure tell me it’s inspired them to return.