Are We Serious?

The earth has been in existence for three billion years, so they say. Recently, give or take a few hundred thousand years, our species has come up with answers to all the problems our planet is facing. It’s like until we showed up to manage things, the entire world was at risk of being annihilated.  So how are we doing? The human race has a self-centered smugness that infers our planet isn’t going to make it unless we assist, guide it so to speak, or act as some kind of steward.

We may think we can manage the earth but the reality is that it pretty much does what it wants, when it wants. As example: when was the last time we stopped an earthquake, changed the direction of an approaching hurricane, or made it rain for a hundred days in the Sahara desert? Don’t get me wrong –we are certainly capable of messing up the natural order of things – like dumping chemicals in a river, running raw sewage into the ocean, or inflicting wars on our species. So we can do a better job of managing that. The other stuff, I’m not so sure.

There may come a day when we’ll be able to control the weather, make arid areas fertile, and put an end to pollution. I think that time is getting close…right after every country loses interest in waging war and building nuclear weapons. Oh yeah, and after we figure out how to make some interest on our investments so we can survive the future financially. Looks like a pretty sure thing to me…