Book Review: The Red Serpent by Larry Merris

It was Jean Marchaud’s dogged persistence that got him into trouble more than any other trait. Persistence turns into obsession when his world is shattered by unspeakable tragedy, his sense of well-being shaken to the core by unexplained events and a force so invasive it has tainted every level of government, business, and religion worldwide. Now a race to stop the bloodletting begins. In bizarre quirks of fate, Marchaud’s association with an old Interpol cohort, an alluring philologist, an ex-Mossad rabbi, and a powerful Jewish family becomes the mission to unravel a triad of ancient enigmas. Together they must battle their way through Europe, outwit assassins, and defend against overwhelming foes. One will survive an actual death experience; most will make it back But can they convince nations to aid them in their quest? What happens if they run out of time? And how do they mastermind the phenomenon that can change civilization forever?

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