Theory of Everything

Theory of Everything:


If confirmed, the “God particle” recently reported in the news by a team of scientists in Switzerland, will unleash a whole new world of discoveries. Not being a scientist, I was curious about how this might impact my life – or the whole human race, for that matter. I guess I haven’t been looking in the right places, because so far I can’t find a concrete answer to that question.

So here goes my amateur stab at science and what I think may be a good explanation: The gist of the theory is to identify one special particle that will give us the DNA of all matter in the universe, seen and unseen.  Sound confusing?  It is, because it rewrites everything anyone has ever learned about physics, including those who have studied it all their lives.

According to my hero, Michio Kaku, “The discovery could begin to explain eternal questions sometimes called the ‘mind of God.’ To me, when we finally discover the ‘God particle,’ this is just the beginning. This can open the floodgates for a whole new branch of theoretical physics.

“There are eternal questions that cannot be answered in the framework of conventional physics,” Kaku explains:  “Is time travel possible?  Are there gateways to other universes . . . are there actually parallel universes?”

We may learn the answers to those questions and then ponder what to do with them, just as Michael du Maurier did in The Red Serpent.  He too was given a key to unlock all the greatest knowledge in the world – an unexpected secret he didn’t want to know or be responsible for.

As we all read the reports out of Switzerland, we’ll ask what should be done with the discovery of the “God particle” and how long it will it take humanity to harvest this colossal find. Who knows? We could find cures for dread diseases, locate an abundant new energy source, or generate arable lands to maximize food production and feed a hungry world.

Or, we might be able to navigate other dimensions. Perhaps we’d create viable tubes, or passages, for zipping across the universe. Imagine the possibilities if we could explore parallel universes that exist under an alien set of physics laws presently unheard-of on earth!